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Our Dance Styles

Creative Movement (2 years old): A one hour class consisting of songs and nursery rhymes to
teach the student rhythm and basic dance movement. Creative Movement Dance offers a warm, loving environment where we teach dance skills along with respect and team playing characteristics.

Preschool (3-4 years old): A one hour class consisting of pre-ballet, pre-tap, and tumbling to
further develop coordination, balance and rhythm.

Ballet (4 and up): The foundation upon which all other dances are built. This one hour
class is a graded system of barre and center floor aimed to refine a student's technique while
improving body alignment and posture.

Lyrical (5 and up): A one hour class incorporating the balance, control and techniques of
classical ballet along with the principals of jazz, creating free style movement and expression
through dance.

Pointe (Advanced Ballet Students only): A one hour class for the serious advanced ballet student.
This is strictly at the discretion of the dance studio director and the instructor.

Jazz (4 and up): A one hour class consisting of stretching exercises for warm-up, center
floor routines for techniques and progressive combinations of leaps, kicks and turns going across the

Hip Hop (4 and up): A one hour class consisting of a funk form of jazz as seen on today's
TV and Videos.

Tap (4 and up): The only form of dance that incorporates sound. A one hour class of tap
techniques consisting of barre, center floor combinations and traveling tap down the floor.

Musical Theater/ Glee 4 years and up: This is a true triple threat class filled with acting, singing, and dancing! If you love
Broadway shows and performing on stage, this is a great fit for you. 

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